How to Be Creative During Conference Sessions

As an event organiser, it fall sunder your responsibility to make conference sessions as lively and engaging as possible. While people may come to your event for various reasons, you should reinforce the general objectives of your event by making sure that every second they spend on the venue is worth it. Here are a few ways for you to be creative and increase attendee engagement during conference sessions:

  1. Invest in an event app with Q&A and polls capabilities.

One of the most practical ways for you to increase attendee engagement is by providing an event app with in an event management software. The event app not only provides a mobile portal to your event, it may also have specialized features such as Q&A and live polls. During sessions, giving your attendees the chance to share their input is very important. One-way communication no longer works and the audience would want to voice out their opinions on any topic.

The Q&A is a perfect tool for attendees to log their questions for the speaker. The moderated questions will ideally be projected to a giant screen so that the session moderator can encourage any speaker to answer them. On the other hand, live polls allow attendees to answer any question from the speaker through a simple voting process. This is a great tool to gather data from the attendees in real time.

  1. Hire a session moderator.

As already mentioned above, the presence of a seasoned session moderator can make a real difference. This person should ideally be know ledge able of the main topic of the session. This way, he or she can facilitate questions and direct the conversation to where it will be most productive for both the speakers and the attendees. If you are hosting an event regarding deliveries and logistics, for example, an ideal session moderator would be someone who has worked in this industry for years and who knows what the major themes are for a specific topic.

  1. Try new technologies.

Last but not the least, you can try other event technologies – attendee management software – to make the most creative conference sessions. For example, if you are hosting an event for the tourism and travel destinations industry, you may distribute 3D glasses and show destination videos in 3D. You may also try giving participants the chance to immerse in a virtual reality experience. While these may be expensive, it pays off to give a unique experience to your attendees. This would encourage them to come to your next event.